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Nightmare is a 2D point and click game representing sleep paralysis in a fantasy and psychological way where a student that experiences sleep paralysis and uses therapy to figure out the cause of it.

The game is designed to show the effects that sleep paralysis can have on an individual's life.

All you need is a mouse to play as it is entirely point and click!

This was a project created for my university unit GDS220, one of the first proper games that I made predominantly solo . The premise of the unit was to make a game with meaning. I wanted to go with the concept of sleep paralysis as it's something I've gone through before as well as some people I know. It's a terrifying experience but there are ways to lessen it and that is what I wanted to get through the gameplay. There are day scenes where the player will communicate with a therapist character, in which they will get advice on how to conquer and lessen the effects. Meanwhile during the night scenes the player will have to stop the nightmare creatures from attacking him while they can't move.

This project was completed with the help of my talented friend Hayden Reeves who can be found on twitter here; https://twitter.com/Greysion

He helped by implementing his text engine into the game as well as with post processing.

You can find me at:



I hope you enjoy!

V2.2 Is up; this has fixes to the retry menus, so they will definitely be working now!


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It wont let me kill the monsters? I click on their head but it doesnt show up red so I can't click on them.

sorry for the late reply but it’s been Christmas. Mind telling me on what night this happened? Did you try clicking on them numerous times? Just need to know to try and see what’s happening because this is the first time I’ve been informed of this bug.

Deleted post

It's ok! So I tried playing the game again, and the same thing is happening, idk if maybe i'm doing something wrong? I click on them numerously but only once or twice do they light up red. But even when they light up and I've clicked several times they still don't die.  I've seen others kill them off rather easily so i'm not sure what i'm doing that isn't working. Just so I can know, how many times am I supposed to click them before they die?

Hmm alright, there might be a possibility that you might be clicking on the trail which doesn’t have a hit box on it but not 100% on that. For the small ones it’s 3 clicks and for the bigger ones it’s 3 clicks for the first night and on further nights goes to about 5 clicks.

I'm having a problem where on the second night if I die I can't click retry, menu, or quit. So if you could plz fix that.

Hmm it should be working but I’ll go see what I can do, thanks for letting me know.

I've uploaded a new build, the retry menu buttons should be working now.


Thanks for sharing your game, I've created a short gameplay video about it with little bits of information about you and sleep paralysis. :)

Thank you for creating and sharing this!